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August 22, 2016

Visiting the Orthodontist at an Early Age

Is there ever a good time to be early?  It’s always a good idea to arrive early for an interview, movie and to beat traffic. But is it really a good idea to see an orthodontist early? Absolutely.  At around 7 to 8 years of age, permanent teeth have erupted or are beginning to erupt in children, particularly their first molars and incisors.

June 8, 2016

Staff Appreciation Week Highlight: Angie & Terri

Angie and Terri bring lots of joy to our office! Read more about their impact on our practice. 

June 7, 2016

Staff Appreciation Week Highlight: Beth

Beth has been working with Dr. Birdwell's team for 23 years! Read more about Beth and the many reasons why we appreciate her. 

June 6, 2016

Staff Appreciation Week Highlight: Linda

We're excited to continue to highlight members of our staff for Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Week! Read more about Linda and the many ways she contributes to our practice! 

June 5, 2016

Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Week

June 6-10 has been designated Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Week by the American Association of Orthodontists and I'm excited to recognize the amazing folks that make our office special. Each one of them is immensely talented, gifted and loving. Let's kick off the week highlighting Dana Murcer!

April 24, 2016






We are hardwired to take notice of a smile.  

It is more than just a pleasing expression.

Read on to learn more about the recognition of a face and a smile.      






April 6, 2016


Every now and then a Do It Yourself article (DIY) on some form of orthodontic treatment will get posted on the news.  It makes great headlines and seems so fantastically simple to just fix that crooked grill at home.  Using rubber bands to pull teeth together or the most recent; DIY Invisalign.  

March 13, 2016

The Art of Orthodontics: Does My Child Need Braces? Part 2

What is the best age for my child to begin comprehensive orthodontic treatment?

One of the most confusing things for parents when considering orthodontic treatment for their child is the difference of opinions of when is the best age to start treatment.  I addressed the question of early treatment in our last blog.  This post will focus on the the second phase of a 2 phase treatment or comprehensive orthodontic treatment, 

February 22, 2016

The Art of Orthodontics: Does My Child Need Braces?

Does My Child Need Early Treatment?

Early treatment in orthodontics is defined as the partial correction of a child’s orthodontic problems as a Phase I treatment. Early treatment usually begins at the time when some primary and some permanent teeth are present.  Typically, this is considered between the age of 7 and 12.  Early treatment is also categorized as before all permanent teeth have erupted and your child has started their adolescent growth spurt. 

January 16, 2016

Getting Rid of the Gag

Do You Gag Easily and Dislike Those Messy Impressions?

No problem with our new Dental Itero Optical Scanner! Putting all that goop in your mouth to get an impression is SO yesterday!

OKC's most trusted orthodontist for braces and Invisalign orthodontic treatment is utilizing new technology every day to help you get the smile you want as easily and comfortably as possible.

Read on to see how.