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Invisalign Teen


Dr. David Birdwell has experience in treating both adults AND teens with Invisalign. In fact, he was one of the first orthodontists in Oklahoma to do so! #Madetomove

The Invisalign process for teens is the same as the process for adults; however, the features of the aligners are enhanced. The teen aligners include a blue wear indicator that changes from blue to clear to help monitor wear time, and the aligners are designed to accommodate new teeth and molar growth. Plus, we include limited replacement aligners in case your teen loses or misplaces theirs. It’s important to know that not all teens are good candidates for aligners. Dr. Birdwell will help your family decide the best care option.

"Orthodontics" no longer means 'braces' to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile, thanks to the variety of technologies available.



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