Food Restrictions with Lingual Braces
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Food Restrictions with Lingual Braces

When the lingual braces are attached for the first time or adjusted for the first few times you may feel a little discomfort inside your mouth. Soft food, easy for chewing, is your best choice for braces and sore mouths. While these diets help to control inflammation, they also safeguard the brackets so you’ll end up with straight and beautiful teeth.

It is essential to have an idea on what to eat and what to not eat to avoid the wrong food or breaking your lingual braces. Try different soft foods for keeping your stomach full without much chewing. Now that you've got your braces, how are you looking after them? You must know how to care for your braces properly throughout your orthodontic treatment.

Lingual Braces

Eat with Braces

Don't be worried, in no time you'll eat popcorn and potato chips again! However, you must take care to avoid foods that might cause damage to your new braces before you can start enjoying some of your favorite foods.

Foods Not to Eat

  • Foods to chew like bagels, licorice
  • Crisp foods like popcorn, ice, chips
  • Foods that are sticky like caramels, or gum
  • Hard to chew foods like nuts and hard candies
  • Or foods that need biting into like corn cob, carrots, apples

Foods to Eat

Baby food, peaches, yogurt, mashed potatoes, soup, ice Cream, applesauce, scrambled eggs, canned chili, popsicles, meatballs, bone broth, pudding, dairy drinks, soft cheese, mushy peas, pasta, soft-cooked rice, soft tortillas, muffins (hold the nuts), soft-cooked chicken, lunch meats, tuna, salmon, Steamed spinach, crab cakes, beans, bananas, fruit juice, ice cream (again no nuts, gelatin desserts, and soft cake.

Preparing Your Food

No matter what preparation type you follow, your food should be soft before eating.

Steam: Steam your vegetables and keep it until soft.

Roast: Keep olive oil coated potatoes on your pan and keep roasting and wait until it becomes soft.

Sautee: Sautee is another effective method, sprinkle little water to your vegetables and keep cooking until soft. You can use scrambled eggs or cheese to make it a complete meal.

Bake: You can also bake foods and eat baked potato and brownies.

Simmer: Eat oatmeal and apples, simmer to make soft for your sweet tooth.
Blend: Smoothies or milkshakes are great choices as dessert for dinner and these are full of nutrients.

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Come to Orthodontic Arts if you have queries on lingual braces. Our orthodontist, Dr. Wilson, in OKC helps you choose the right brace type considering your orofacial condition and will provide expert advice on what to eat and care for your braces.

**Disclaimer: The above post is not intended to be medical advice or create a relationship between doctor and patient.

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