Why Damon Braces Might Be Right for You
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Here Is Why You Should Opt for Damon Braces

Once it was said that the imperfections you are born with cannot be changed. You have to bear with them for the rest of your life. But, technology has changed many such sayings. The advancement of medical science has come up with lots of options for people to get rid of the embarrassment from imperfections.

This even goes perfectly well with the crooked teeth problem. Teeth play a significant role in making your appearance attractive. A charming smile can win thousands of hearts and if you are deprived of a naturally beautiful smile, don’t worry! Treatment with braces is there to help you out. 

What Are Damon Braces?

Damon braces are a popular method for orthodontic treatment. This is a little different from conventional braces. It incorporates the use of brackets that close around the wire, rather than using rubber bands.

If you ask what the advantages of using damon braces are, many points can be brought up. 

damon braces

  • If you are worried about appearance, damon braces are actually less noticeable than conventional braces. But as there is also the option of invisible braces or Invisalign on the market, those may be a better choice when it comes to this aspect.
  • The expected time for treatment is quite important for most patients. And damon braces are quite notable in this area. They take less time than traditional braces. Generally, the expected time span is less than half a year or even shorter to get the most desired result.
  • Due to there being a lower amount of friction involved because there is no elastic or metal ligature, your teeth will be able to slide more comfortably. This is what helps to shorten the treatment time and it becomes less painful as well.
  • The elastic of the metal ligature can accumulate a lot of bacteria, which in turn can create plaque, and become discolored from food and beverages. The ligature is eliminated with damon braces, thus it is a better option for orthodontic treatment. 

Due to their effectiveness, the orthodontists of Midtown, OKC recommend Damon braces for safe treatment. Teeth imperfections are unique to the individual and to get treatment for your specific problem, you should contact a proficient doctor that has ample experience in this area. You should consult our specialists at Orthodontic Arts and get your teeth shaped with the best possible treatment according to your requirements.

** Disclaimer: The above post is not intended to be medical advice or create a relationship between doctor and patient.

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