Hide It – Use Lingual Braces for Straightening Teeth
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Hide It – Use Lingual Braces for Straightening Teeth

If you are ready for braces, you may think about lingual braces, especially if you want it to be unnoticeable. These braces are virtually invisible inside your mouth. According to patients, sometimes others might not even realize that they are wearing braces. It makes these braces popular among teens and adults.

Before this treatment method, there was no way to hide traditional braces. Now the days are gone when you needed a mouth full of metal for straightening your teeth for a new smile, as there are lingual braces with low-profile wires. This makes the braces unnoticeable, as the brackets fit behind the teeth instead of the front. The smaller wires are also attached to the brackets with lower visibility.

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Lingual braces are custom-made to fit your teeth and give precise control to tooth movement. You do not need to take these out like clear aligners, it will work for 24-hours a day. You do not even need to worry about the time you have to keep it inside your mouth. There is no chance to lose your braces that are inside your mouth, as is sometimes a problem with clear aligners.

At Orthodontic Arts in Oklahoma City, we have experts for lingual braces. We only use the latest technologies and techniques that help our patients to get the smile they were longing for.

For your beautiful smile, get lingual braces from us. Follow our website details to contact us for your consultation.

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