Invisalign and Lingual Braces – The Best Option for You
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Invisalign and Lingual Braces – The Best Option for You

It is easier than ever before to get crooked teeth into their proper position! You have some options at Orthodontic Arts without the need to have the usual look of metal braces. We look at two of the best options for discreet braces more closely today!

Choosing between Invisalign and Lingual Braces

The main advantages and disadvantages of Invisalign and linguistic braces are compared here. Once you get a clear notion for each of the options and discuss them with your orthodontist, you can make a better decision about the most appropriate choice for you.

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Advantages of Invisalign

You did not have many options for correction of crooked teeth without the brackets and wires until this option was introduced.

However, you can now avoid so many of the disadvantages of traditional braces, thanks to Invisalign.

  • Invisalign uses clear mouth trays that you wear over your teeth. It is virtually invisible.
  • Another advantage is that the aligners feel smooth and comfortable inside your mouth so that your cheeks, tongue and lips are rubbing against the sharp ends of the wires.
  • You can also take the same oral care habits you have because you can remove the aligners.

That also means that you can detach them while eating so that during the treatment you don't have to restrict your diet. You will be down to your last line-up within 12 months or less, and you will finish with lovely, straight teeth!


Our patients in Midtown, OKC state that Invisalign is so comfortable; it is difficult to think about things that they don't like about the treatment itself. However, if we had to select a downside, it would be the limitations for those people who have complicated bite problems. You may succeed in a more traditional treatment such as braces or surgical orthodontics if necessary, particularly with complex problems of the jaw and bite. Invisalign is better suited if the teeth are placed incorrectly in mild to moderate cases.

lingual braces

Advantages of Lingual Braces

  • Lingual braces are not offered everywhere, that's why we're so happy that our orthodontics have extensive training and experience in providing lingual braces to our patients.
  • Lingual braces are installed at the back of your teeth so that they are hidden from sight!
  • You will see more and more progress in positioning your teeth throughout the treatment until all are straight and the gaps are fully covered. So, you get the same great smile as traditional braces can deliver, just using another method.
  • To obtain an accurate result, we can use advanced robotics as part of your treatment preparation. It is best to cut your overall treatment period by as much as a third compared to traditional strategies — the exactness of this design innovation.
  • Similar to the Invisalign advantages, lingual braces let you smile amazingly without sacrificing your appearance or without jeopardizing your professional image. For adults who are finally willing to straighten their teeth, this makes for another great option!


You may find the brackets and wires sometimes affect your speech since lingual braces are used on the back side of your teeth. At least initially, another problem you could have is some soreness after installing your lingual braces. Finally, you will have to become habituated to practicing good oral hygiene every day, as with traditional braces, so that foods do not get stuck in your lingual braces.

Orthodontic Arts have expert orthodontists who can diagnose your oral condition and recommend the best treatment that will suit your needs and preferences.

** Disclaimer: The above post is not intended to be medical advice or create a relationship between doctor and patient.

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