Is It Possible to Straighten Teeth without Braces?
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Is It Possible to Straighten Teeth without Braces?

Crooked teeth are not wanted, however many people do not want visible metal traditional braces. People generally wear wired brackets to straighten teeth which are often found uncomfortable. Sometimes it restricts people from having their favorite food like chocolate and can even sometimes keep them away from sport. What if you can straighten teeth without braces? If you have mild crooked teeth or the problem is not critical, you can opt for a teeth straightening process without using any braces. 

straight teeth without braces


People love lumineers because of their appearance. This is a shell that easily fits on a tooth. The orthodontist removes a portion from the tooth structure to fit the veneer in place but it does not look bulky. These are quite comfortable for patients and the material is made from cerinate porcelain. This product is quite gentle and teeth do not lose their strength. 

straighten teeth without braces

How to Understand If You Can Use Lumineers?

The upper and lower jaw need to fit together. While resting, the jaws should be comfortable and there should be no strain on teeth. You should not be uncomfortable while chewing or biting.

There are numerous people whose jaws do not fit together. If you are one of them and did not undergo brace treatment in childhood, you need to try a different treatment. There are multiple reasons that cause crooked teeth like periodontal disease, bruxism or other dental problems. Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself to know if you are eligible to straighten your teeth without braces.

  • Are only your front teeth crooked? Lumineers are only meant for front teeth. If the front teeth are crooked, have space or wide gap, you can use this option.
  • Do your back teeth fit together well? If you have biting issues, veneer treatment might not help you. Consult with an orthodontist for other alternatives for a healthy mouth.
  • Do you bite your tongue while chewing? If you frequently bite your tongue while chewing you need orthodontic treatment. We are not talking about accidental biting.  Since you have experienced it a lot,  your jaw probably does not fit together well.

Still confused? It is obviously difficult to know whether you need to get your teeth straightened without braces or if you need them. Come to orthodontic Arts to diagnose and get the right treatment.

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