Is It Possible to Straighten Teeth without Traditional Braces?
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Is It Possible to Straighten Teeth without Traditional Braces?

Orthodontic treatment has come up a long way since metal braces hit the market. These days braces are practical and not visible giving patients a positive outlook and a beautiful smile. Since metal braces are a wonderful way to straighten teeth, now orthodontic treatments have multiple options like lingual braces, Invisalign and ceramic braces. If you consider traditional braces as your option make sure to visit an orthodontist with good knowledge, skill and experience assuring you are in confident hands to get a beautiful smile.

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Now the question is how to straighten teeth without traditional braces? Here are the options elaborated.

Ceramic Braces – Ceramic braces are less visible than standard braces, as these have tooth-colored brackets. Though ceramic braces are not as visible as conventional braces, they work in the same way giving the same result, so, these are an excellent choice for adults to start orthodontic treatment.

Lingual BracesLingual braces are completely invisible; therefore, these customized braces are attached to the inside part of the teeth. These are entirely personalized following individual needs for teeth contouring besides making it comfortable. However, these braces are placed near your tongue, so that it may take a little time to get used to.

Clear Aligners – This is also an excellent option to straighten teeth without traditional braces. This treatment has a sequence of clear aligners as an alternative to fixed braces for orthodontic problems that are less severe.

These are quite common options to straighten teeth without traditional braces. You can come to Orthodontic Arts for such advanced treatment methods to shape up your teeth, jawline, underbite or overbite, for a beautiful, healthy bite and smile.

** Disclaimer: The above post is not intended to be medical advice or create a relationship between doctor and patient.

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