Things You Do Not Know about Damon Braces
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Things You Do Not Know about Damon Braces

Your appearance really does matter, it reflects your confidence, inner strength and to some extent this is a weapon that helps to crack an interview even! There is no need to explain how appearance plays as a catalyst to win hearts over. Our smile shows how strong we are and our confidence, it is the most beautiful accessory we wear. But what if you have crooked teeth, an overbite or an underbite? Does it drag your confidence down? People with such orofacial problems tend to isolate themselves in a shell and even fail to interact with others. Staying in a corner and separating yourself socially is not the solution for crooked teeth. In Oklahoma City, you can set an appointment with your nearest orthodontist for a better solution; braces. Damon braces help to treat people with misaligned teeth faster and better amongst other varieties of braces. 

What Is It?

This self-ligating appliance fits the same way as traditional braces. However, instead of the brackets for tightening and adjusting like traditional braces, these braces have a slide mechanism. It attaches wires to brackets and moves naturally with teeth as they realign. This mechanism is more comfortable, looks better and generates a better result within a short period compared to other braces.

Damon braces use a memory wire that connects to slide brackets without pressurizing, like traditional braces and their elastics do. 


  • They have clear brackets, making the appearance aesthetically pleasant.
  • It gives a faster result; a patient can expect notable results within six months.
  • They needs a less maintenance. But you need to follow an orthodontist’s instructions.
  • Less pressure and less pain.
  • Less friction and they are corrosion free and deteriorate less. 

Their cost depends on the degree of correction you need. But for Damon braces, you need an expert to perform the treatment. For your set of Damon braces, you should contact us, Orthodontist Arts in Oklahoma City.

** Disclaimer: The above post is not intended to be medical advice or create a relationship between doctor and patient.

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