Traditional Braces or Damon Braces – Decide Now!
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Traditional Braces or Damon Braces – Decide Now!

You need your teeth in the right shape, but you don’t want to invest the amount of time that traditional braces generally take – if this is the position you are in, you have come to the right place.

Millions of the Americans have crooked, crowded and gapped teeth that they have already fixed or are wanting to do it soon. Being one of them, you should have a clear idea about the teeth straightening treatments available. You may think that all braces have the same impact on teeth. The objective of braces is to straighten them and this is fulfilled by all types of braces, but the difference lays in the estimated time and its appearance.

Orthodontists often recommend Damon braces for straightening teeth. It is a fast process that is effective in repairing crooked, gapped or crowded teeth and giving you a perfect smile.

The Functionality

Basically, the Damon braces follow the same procedure as traditional braces do. The mechanism of traditional braces and Damon braces are the same. In traditional braces, metal wires are attached to brackets using small elastic bands, these brackets are installed on the ill-shaped teeth. But in the case of Damon braces, the wires are held in the brackets using a small latch. This helps the wires to move the teeth easily. By doing this, the teeth move using less force to it. 

The Appearance

Whenever you think of using braces to straighten your teeth, you must think about the look. The metal wires prominent in traditional braces can spoil your smile. But Damon braces are made of clear plastic. This is what makes the braces almost unnoticeable when you are talking, smiling, eating etc. and keeps you confident about your appearance.

You can’t just get braces whenever you feel like it. You will need a proper checkup, diagnosis and treatment recommendation for straightening your teeth. Come to Orthodontic Arts and ensure professional treatment. Follow the guidelines afterward and get the perfect smile to win a thousand hearts.

** Disclaimer: The above post is not intended to be medical advice or create a relationship between doctor and patient.

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