Yes, You Can Use Braces at 50
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Yes, You Can Use Braces at 50

It feels excellent to smile. There are no age limits for you to feel comfortable and to make your smile better. Orthodontic therapy using braces is available at any age. It's only for teenagers, many people think, but it's not. Teeth can be fixed at any time. At any age, the method of teeth movement is the same.

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Teeth Movement Using Adult Braces

A gum attachment, known as the periodontal ligament, surrounds the teeth. It's like a teeth shock absorber and attaches to the jaw. Any constant tug on the teeth for 14 hours or more accelerates a biological sense around the tooth so the tooth can move. Bone grows into place behind the tooth. This is the basis of orthodontics and the working process of all braces. The physiology of individuals is different. So, some people have fast-moving teeth, and some have slow teeth, to align.

Teeth Straightening and Age Effects

As we grow old, all of our biological functions slow down. That means as the teeth grow old, we can expect them to move more slowly as well. Some older people will need to use aligners for a little longer to get their teeth into the right position.

Whatever the age of your teeth, orthodontic treatments can be performed successfully. Adult braces can be used for the perfectly safe straightening of the teeth. They can move only gradually and smoothly to the needed location–usually between 0.2 and 0.3 mm per adjustment.

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Braces for Adults

Why would confidence stop at a particular age?! At Orthodontic Arts, our orthodontists in Oklahoma City believe we all deserve a beautiful, healthy smile and you too, regardless of age.

Some people came to us saying that they were previously rejected to use braces, as they are older. However, we can surely give you braces in OKC even if you are 50 or older.

When Aligners Are Not Suitable

Aligners are quite useful for aligning teeth, but some people won’t be a good fit. If you have gum disease, it should be properly treated before you begin an aligner regimen.

Fillings and crowns are usually no issue; but if you have tooth replacements like implants or bridges, aligners might not be appropriate for you, because the aligner can't work on them or grasp other teeth.

For teeth alignment or braces in OKC, come to Orthodontic Arts!

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